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About Filforce


Filforce was formally established on 3 January 2005 by Shogun, a Filipino diplomat assigned in New York whose vision was to share the Philippine airsoft experience with teams based in the East Coast.

A veteran airsoft player in the Philippines, Shogun started seeking out other Filipino airsoft enthusiasts in the New York area in the middle of 2004 and was eventually able to bring together the team’s six other founding members—Slyde, Glory, M23J, Triceratops, Jundel and Inkman. Filforce was eventually able to attract more members, including newly arrived immigrants from the Philippines.

At present, Filforce is being steered by Shogun and the other founding members. They are assisted by other members of the team.

Filforce & the Katipunan

Filforce draws its inspiration from the secret society Katipunan that led the Philippine revolution against Spain in 1896. Like the katipuneros of old, Filforce is made up of men and women who are bound by a creed that requires members to exhibit a strong sense of kinship or Kapatiran; great courage or Katapangan; loyalty or Katapatan; and dignity and honor or Karangalan.

Filforce’s Katipunan roots are evident in its team logo, which was derived from the personal red and white standard of Katipunan founder Andres Bonifacio. The Filforce flag features an enhanced version of Bonifacio’s sun symbol to represent the East–Asia where most Filforce members trace their ethnic roots and the East Coast where team members are now based–that shines over a black background to symbolize the threatening unknown.

Filforce's membership classification is also patterned after the Katipunan with the leaders designated as bayani (patriots); members as kawal (soldiers); and recruits as katipun (associates).

Filforce in Action

Filforce had its baptism of fire on 29 January 2005 when it played against a local squad in Glen Cove, Long Island. This was followed by Filforce’s first big airsoft encounters in Tolland, Massachusetts on 19 February and in Wrightstown, New Jersey on 17 April of the same year.

The team has since seen action in Coram and New Paltz, New York; East Hampton, Connecticut; Manchester and Netcong, New Jersey; and Poco Loco, Pennsylvania. Filforce made its formal debut in a team competition when it placed third in the Tolcom Team Challenge on 10 October.

Filforce became more active in the airsoft community in 2006 when it took part in bigger events such as the Katanga Chronicles in Netcong, New Jersey where Filforce members comprised the bulk of Opfor during Operation Freedoms Road in March; Operation Liberty Shield in June; and Operation Independent Will in November. Filforce was also present during the Battle for Tolland III in May and Tolcom Team Challenge in October. It also took part in Operation Viper in November.

Filforce consolidated itself in 2007 and saw its members taking part in Operation Titan's Grasp in March in Plattekill and Operation Burning Sun II in East Hampton in August. Filforce members also saw action in John Lu's Operation Northern Wind IV in Fort Pickett, Virginia in August 2007 and Operation Irene V in Fort Knox, Kentucky in October of the same year.

Filforce made its debut at event organizing with September Rumble in Netcong in September 2006 and Manassas Strike in Virginia in October of the same year. In May 2007, Filforce staged its first big event under the Balikatan series with Operation Sulu Storm (BK1) successfully being conducted at East Hampton. This was followed by Operation Basilan Fury in Lebanon (BK2), New Jersey in September. The third part of the Balikatan trilogy, Operation Zamboanga Thunder (BK3) took place in Philadelphia in November.

Filforce kicked off 2008 with Operation White Star at its base in Firebase X-Ray in Flemington, New Jersey. It was followed by Operation Red Star in New Jersey which drew more than 160 players and Balikatan IV (BK4) in New York, which was participated in by around 130 players. It also successfully mounted the 2008 Enduro Challenge in July and Operation Bad Blood in September.

Filforce also participated in the Battle for Tolland/Tribal Wars, Operation Northern Wind V and Operation Irene.

Filforce has the distinction of being among the first airsoft teams in the United States and perhaps one of the biggest airsoft teams that uses Multicam as its primary uniform.

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